"Female Faceless" is coming to Neon Moon on September 4th 2021 (Artwalk) !!!

Updated: Aug 1

We're pleased to report that #FemaleFaceless will be opening her show "EVERY ACTION CAUSES A REACTION... IN ME" September 4th 2021 6-9 PM with a special poetry performance by Flowersong Press Poet, Gina Duran with accompaniment from #CelloAzul at 7PM in the gallery. Female Faceless will show original paintings and sell prints. Her work will be up the entire month of September. Please support her very beautiful, collectible and important work.

Artist Bio / Art Statement:

"Every action, causes a reaction... in me."

Just over a year ago, I remember listening in on an ‘artist talk’ where the guest on this particular day was self-proclaimed ‘failed artist’, known to most of us as renowned ‘art critic’, Jerry Saltz. The topic: the effects of the pandemic on the Art world... Jerry stated something to the effect of “this is the time for a new art world, to be shaped to be born....” and with that, to me - it was an invitation. I call it the birth of the “Pan-Art movement (pandemic art movement)”. I decided it was the time to show what I was creating, without fear, put it out there... all rules were broken, all expectations were reset, the playing field was by default’ leveled. It was going to be a 'New Art World’ and I, an introverted Latina with a raging anxiety disorder and obsession with cats, was determined to be a part of it whatever “it” was to become. -- Female Faceless

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