LILY FREIDEL :  Sombra De La Luna

Paintings in Oil, by Lily Freidel


Showing in The Neon Moon Gallery 

July 2nd - July 30th 

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A year ago I painted the moon or cloudy Los Angeles atmosphere every night for an entire Moon cycle, from new moon to full Moon back to new moon in a 31 day investigation in LilyMoon, 1-31 (May, 2021). New Moon being the darkest sky atmosphere and working up brighter and brighter to the brightest sky at full moon, and dimming more and more to the last night at new moon, the 31st night. The skies with the clouds and fogginess reflecting the city lights were not in any predictable sequence as I imagined or mapped them out to be  which became a curious element itself throughout the investigation. 


My work for each series begins in the dark and ends in the dark, so that in a loop, similar to a zoetrope, the work shows the cycle of time continuously and endlessly flowing. 


In my current work, I have been exploring the light from within my own closed eyes (as afterimages, or my own eyelid interior view) and noticing the colors within the shadow of the Moon herself! The Moon being like the eye of the sky, and what I see within my own eyes, after I see her, as I drift almost to sleep.


I have been deeply influenced by the light of the moon as it falls onto the walls of my room and the way the shadows echo the movements of the wind as trees and lampposts and telephone wires and window frames create wavering lines that seem to speak in air-colored writing, like whispers in a dream.  I speak Spanish in my dream-half-awake-sleep state, with my closest loved ones. It is the intimacy of the deepest connection, and like the darkest cool soil (our Earth in shadow), the night is a time of solace, serenity and peace. 


As each work holds the presence of time, through observation, I am revering life and every moment I have. I am happy to share presence with you from our place here on Earth.     


  ------Lily Freidel

Artworks with descriptiona and pricing will appear here by Wed. July 6th 2022

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