Neon Moon Art Supply & Studio was founded by Xrstine Franco, Ilir Zeneli, and Chomsky a very Zen Schnauzer / Carin Terrier. (Well at least she was part of the inspiration!) "Always strive to be as good as your dogs thinks you are!" was the inspiration mantra and still drives us. Starting a business during The Pandemic? Well yes...and no.  Our funding came through right before the pandemic! and well....we had just signed the lease for our dream spot in our favorite city, Claremont....  and....being the stalwarts we are....there was no giving up. Both of us being degreed artists, we endeavored to bring a local boutique art supply store to Claremont village and connect the art community at all levels if we could through lessons, workshops, and anything else we could think of!  Neon Moon provides  art supplies, framed art,  Classes, an open paint studio (In September) with six easel areas, and art events such as "Paint n' Create" Snip n' Quip" and The Arty Birthday Party For kids...soon, we'll be crafting one for adults too! 

We strive to give our customers tools to make and create.  We invite you to browse our site to find just what you have been looking for! Or come in for some art conversation and one free cup of coffee!  Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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